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KeyMacro is an ultra fast text replacement utility that enables you to quickly perform dozens of actions using your keyboard. It's a tool that can replace your mouse with your keyboard, saving you countless time and effort.
A few of these actions that you can easily perform with KeyMacro include:
Creating shortcuts to any page in your favorite web browser
Opening folders, files, programs, and applications
Switching between two or more pages
Putting files in various destinations
Installing programs
Using many types of information
Other special text replacements
Performing macros with Alt key
Run text substitution
You can type special characters directly without typing them out with KeyMacro, using Alt key
KeyMacro can make text in multiple applications easier to type, as well as save the time to type the same text over and over again.
KeyMacro is also handy when you are working with:
A web browser
A text editor
A programming IDE
A spreadsheet
A photo editor
A slide show
And many more applications
KeyMacro is bundled with an AutoHotkey engine, making it a powerful tool for all power users.
* Place any text or selection to a macro and save it to a separate file
* Add any number of applications to the macro database
* Launch each macro automatically upon starting an application
* Create all kinds of macros
* Automatically run text replacements
* Change keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys for macros
* Manage multiple macros at once
* Create key combinations to launch macros
* Display macro names and trigger key combinations in the application
* Launch multiple macros at once
* Triggers can be set to repeat a set number of times
* Search for and replace text
* Edit text inside any application
* Paste text
* Select the lines or paragraphs inside an application
* Select the text or a selection
* Copy text or an entire page
* Print or email text
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